Beetel USB Stick Review: Universal SIM facility But Less Mobile Connectivity

beetel modem price in india, performance reviewAbout Beetel Modem

Category: Hardware

Company: ZTE Corporation

Description of Hardware: HSUPA 3G USB Modem with Universal SIM facility

Background: I am using Beetel USB stick (model no. MF 190) from last 8 months and have occasionally used other models whenever possible. I was a bit confused before starting writing this review as I was not confirmed about what to write? Later, I prepared myself by reminding past experiences with this USB modem stick. So, Beetel is not worth to recommend one but let me clear that it all depends upon number of factors like signal strength, mobile operator company, location of use, etc.

Speed: Moderate low

This is most important factor in any internet connection. Beetel never satisfies your speed demand. I have used Beetel USB Data access modem for more than 100 times and never received speed above 2 MBPS (Though they claim 7.2 MBPS). It is useful for updating your antivirus software. Lol J


With USB Internet facility, they provide calling, messaging and phone-book facility which are basic needs of a phone. Having Beetel is like having a phone on your laptop. You can call or message anytime by using same sim card you inserted in modem.  No need to remove it from USB stick. You can even access your memory card with the help of Beetel USB stick.


I will give 0 out of 10 for this section. The software that they developed is irritating. If you send a message, it will show you status window for 3-4 times which contains ‘sending’ and ‘message sent’. Furthermore, you have to click ‘ok’ for each status window!

Network and connectivity:

Detection and authentication of sim card is fast as compared to other USB sticks provided you have correct network profile settings. Connectivity is not reliable. I hardly got connected in my first attempt. In addition, troubleshooting is difficult because it is not user-friendly. You have to Google everything for solving your connectivity problem (and you can imagine yourself typing ‘Can’t connect to internet’ query on Google!) My personal experience says that it works best with Tata Docomo SIM-card.

Bottom Line:

     Beetel works well only if all required conditions are fulfilled. It is good in city but not suitable for travelling usage.

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