Happy Left Handers Day | Innovative ways to celebrate

left handers day 2013     Many left handed people are unaware that they got 24 hours in a year just to celebrate their left handedness! Every year, International Left Handers day is celebrated on 13th August. In recent years, left handed from whole world are taking interests in celebrating this day in their own ways. Being a lefty (and I am proud about it), I have joined groups on various social networking sites. Idea to write this blog crossed my mind after getting good response on Facebook post.

     Well here are some tips to make this day special. I have bunch of ideas but following are few interesting suggestions by my lefty friends from Facebook:

1. Use your right hand for activities you do with your left hand (!) for one day.

2. Pick a lefty at random and go visit him/her.

3. Give everybody left handed high five and say “happy lefty day, dude/babe”

4. Kiss every lefty you know (on their left hand!)

5. Celebrate it alone and chill out with your Budweiser.

How are YOU planning to celebrate it? Share your ideas with the world. Comment below.

Left handed and alone? Come. Join Left Handers group on Facebook.

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