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Google Plus Review for Facebook Lovers: Grown-up Facebook

pros and cons of google plus

About Google Plus

Category: Website/ Social networking site

Slogan: Real-life sharing rethought for the world

Company: Google Inc. Ltd.

Release Date: 28 June, 2011

Background: I belong from Facebook family from last 3 years. I am FB savvy boy who post little updates (and Rani Mukherjee’s pics too) on his wall and wait for likes and comments. I have almost excavated each and every corner of Facebook like adjusting privacy settings, creating groups and pages, adding badges to my blog, blocking and unblocking anonymous and irritating people, video chat, group chat, etc.

     I know Google Plus from its earliest stage. I was tracking its development with various news sources over internet. I am a bit unhappy with its overall appearance as it is literal copy of Facebook except Hangout feature.

User Friendliness:

     Google Plus is more user-friendly and easy to customize than Facebook as it provides easy navigation through all its features. You can place your favorite feature on top and can hide least favorite feature. Uploading photo and tagging is easier than Facebook.


     As I said earlier, Google Plus has copied most of the Facebook features. Though it is a copy, it has eliminated problems in Facebook so that people can start loving it.

     I like circles feature which is counterpart of Facebook’s groups. In facebook, it was impolite to add a person as acquaintance and needs consent from both sides whereas in Google Plus, you can categorize people easily and no one can see which circle you put them in.

Stream: It is advanced version to that of wall on Facebook. Though it looks similar from front-end, you can have more fun than that of you done with Facebook wall. You will notice difference as you go on using it. Fetching of stories to show them on your stream is smarter than Facebook.

+1 Button: I like this button than Facebook’s Like button. If you like something on Facebook, it simply means that you like that story/pic/link. But, in case of +1 button, if you +1 something, it means that you like it or you recommend it for others. The power of +1 button is more than Like button as it express more feelings of user. Also, it looks attractive due to alphanumerical pattern.

Privacy Settings:

     As far as Privacy settings are concerned, I prefer Facebook to go with. Though they seem to be complex, they are more powerful than Google Plus. Google Plus gives preference to privacy regarding post sharing but facebook has think fully generated settings panel.


1. Powerful +1 button

2. Easy video group chat i.e. Hangout

3. Easy integration of friends into circles

4. Better Photo editor

5. It has Hashtags facility to categorize your posts so that they can be easily optimized for search results and streams


1. No provision for sending personal message. You have to make a post and make it visible only for that person to whom you wish to send message.

2. Separating people into categories feels awkward and boring.

3. Search is not strong unless you build your own friends network.

Bottom Line:

Google Plus is digital information sharing site rather than social media site. If you are bored with Facebook’s blue screen and wish to fly in fresh world with new friends, Google Plus is for you.

External Links:

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